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Atlantis launches Data Inspector
April 22nd, 2010
Data Inspector is the newest edition of our product family.

Data Inspector compares the data in two SQL Server databases, and allows you to visualise those changes, create synchronisation scripts or deploy changes directly. Data can be filtered both through WHERE clauses at the data level, and by using the same schema based filters available in all Atlantis applications.

Data inspector really helps both with creating data migrations for end-user databases and investigation of replication issues.

Data Inspector works in tandem with our Schema Inspector and both combine with our SQL Everywhere to make a uniquely integrated “one stop” solution for all SQL developers and administrators alike.

Data inspector uses a unique multi-threaded comparison engine to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in high speed networks and multi-core workstations.

Download a free trail of Data Inspector Professional Edition.
MVP access program now available
April 15th, 2010
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March 22nd, 2010
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January 18th, 2010
Atlantis launches two major products
January 1st, 2010
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