Data Inspector feature showcase

Compelling user interface

Get straight to work in a task-oriented and clean interface.

  • Categorised database connections integrate with SQL Everywhere
  • Run multiple comparisons and object browsing sessions at the same time
  • Strong visual cues improve your productivity
Grid-based difference viewer

Look at the differences in your data in a natural, grid-based format.

  • Colour coded highlighting enables a highly productive view of data.
  • Get type-hinting for columns, as well as a visual indication of key and unmatched columns.
  • Select ranges of data and copy to other applications as with a normal grid.
Edit object and column mappings

Edit column and object mappings to enable comparisons of data between different schema versions of your databases.

  • Get strong visual feedback as to the status of each column mapping.
  • Change the index that is used to order data for comparison.
  • Filter the data for each side to compare only the data that you want to.
Multi-threaded comparison engine

Multi-threaded comparison engine allows up to 20 comparisons to take place at one time.

  • Utilise your time more effectively by comparing multiple data objects at once.
  • Leverage your investment in multi-core workstations and high-bandwidth networks.
  • Control over thread count enables you to balance the workload to your environment.
Multiple synchronization types

Use different synchronization types according to your scenario:

  • Direct for running a synchronization directly against the target database
  • Script for generating a SQL script file to run later
  • Hybrid for running a synchronization directly against the target database, as well as producing a SQL script file for reference

Use transacted modifications to ensure that modifications always happen in a consistent package

Built-in object browser

Browse objects in any database quickly and easily.

Look at object properties, sub-objects and creation DDL SQL.

Use powerful filtering to narrow down your object view.

Powerful filtering

Use filtering to define a subset of objects to compare and synchronise.

Use filtering in the object browser to create a view of only the objects you are interested in.

Combine filters in a totally unrestricted manner, using AND, OR and XOR to combine results from multiple filters.

Load, Save, Export & Import filters, or recall a recently used filter.

Use the same filter configuration across all Atlantis Interactive applications.