Data Space Analyser

SQL Server capacity planning tool

Atlantis Data Space Analyser is a graphical tool for making capacity judgements for SQL Server - find out why you consume the data space that you do and make the task of SQL Server capacity planning a breeze.

Using Data Space Analyser means that SQL Server capacity planning and research is a much quicker and enjoyable process. It produces graphical representations of object storage requirements, all the way from each database as a whole to each individual table, index and even partition.

You will quickly spot any inconsistencies in the space used by objects and be able to find information on exactly which objects are using what space, intuitively and naturally through an interactive chart. The ability to access the information directly makes your SQL Server capacity planning a lot easier and more accurate.

Features include:

Graphical reporting at many levels
Report space usage information in multiple ways
Intuitive interface
Multiple chart types
Integrated object browser
Image and detail export

More information

Please note - this product is now part of the DBA xPress suite from Pragmatic Works. The download link will take you to the download page for DBA xPress.