Data Space Analyser feature showcase

Compelling user interface

Get straight to work in a task-oriented and clean interface.

  • Categorised database connections integrate with SQL Everywhere
  • Navigate the space in your database visually, interacting with the charts directly
  • Strong visual cues improve your productivity
Work at server or database level

Get the information you need at the level that you need it.

Data space analyser can connect to analyse space on a server as a whole, or a single database.

Multiple series reports allow you to quickly visualise the space usage of your databases, or the entities within your databases.

Use one of four chart types to visualise your data

Show single series charts as one of:

  • Pie chart
  • Torus chart
  • Bar chart

Show multiple series charts as a manhattan bar chart, enabling you to visualise two dimensions of information in a single display.

Export chart images and data

Export both chart images and data to allow you to use the information you have found to:

  • Report on capacities used
  • Make the case for future capacity investment
  • Perform further analysis on the data
Built-in object browser

Relate your findings to the objects in your databases.

Look at object properties, sub-objects and creation DDL SQL.

Use powerful filtering to narrow down your object view.

Powerful filtering

Use filtering in the object browser to create a view of only the objects you are interested in.

Combine filters in a totally unrestricted manner, using AND, OR and XOR to combine results from multiple filters.

Load, Save, Export & Import filters, or recall a recently used filter.

Use the same filter configuration across all Atlantis Interactive applications.