Data Surf feature showcase

Compelling user interface

Get straight to work in a task-oriented and clean interface.

  • Categorised database connections integrate with SQL Everywhere
  • Simply click on any node in the graph to see a data table
  • Navigate from the data table to any other referenced table in one click
Intuitive navigation

Navigation targets generated automatically from schema foreign key references

Drill down into related data using just one click

Go back or forward through your navigation history

Context-sensitive tooltip presents navigation target overview

Retarget your surf

Take an existing surf and retarget it - following all the same data relational paths for a new starting point

Create templates for your most common scenarios, and retarget them when you need quick access to your data

Forget writing the same old SELECT statements day in, day out - surf your way to the information that you need!

Constant layout algorithm

Data surf continuously lays out your graph to keep it tidy as you surf

Layout animation enhances visual tracking of how the graph is being arranged

Chose from one of six different node layouts

  • Force directed
  • Circle
  • Grid
  • Spiral
  • Horizontal hierarchy
  • Vertical hierarchy
Customise your graph

Colour groups of nodes by dependent relationships, allowing you to keep a clear view of your data's relations

Drag and drop nodes to rearrange the graph's layout

Zoom and pan using the mouse on either the main visual display or the overview window

Save your surf and re-load it later

Export your graph

Save your entire surf, including data and share it with colleagues simply and easily

Give your data reports that edge with a visual data representation

Export your customised graph to an image file

  • Export at a custom resolution ready for printing
  • Chose from a selection of popular image formats
Built-in object browser

Relate your findings to the objects in your databases.

Look at object properties, sub-objects and creation DDL SQL.

Use powerful filtering to narrow down your object view.

Powerful filtering

Use filtering in the object browser to create a view of only the objects you are interested in.

Combine filters in a totally unrestricted manner, using AND, OR and XOR to combine results from multiple filters.

Load, Save, Export & Import filters, or recall a recently used filter.

Use the same filter configuration across all Atlantis Interactive applications.