Schema Inspector feature showcase

Compelling user interface

Get straight to work in a task-oriented and clean interface.

  • Categorised database connections integrate with SQL Everywhere
  • Run multiple comparisons and object browsing sessions at the same time
  • Strong visual cues improve your productivity
Detailed difference viewer

Show differences categorised by both type of difference and object type.

Look at the object DDL to examine differences, or look at the list of differences in the field viewer.

Filter results to look at only the objects you are interested in.

Easily select single objects, groups of object types or groups of difference types.

Multiple synchronization types

Use different synchronization types according to your scenario:

  • Direct for running a synchronization directly against the target database
  • Script for generating a SQL script file to run later
  • Hybrid for running a synchronization directly against the target database, as well as producing a SQL script file for reference

Use transacted modifications to ensure that modifications always happen in a consistent package

Use snapshots for comparison

Use snapshots to store the entire schema of a database at a point in time.

Use snapshots to:

  • Compare a development database with a production one where no direct link exists for compliance reasons
  • Compare a database with a known previous state
  • Re-create a database from a customer site
  • Develop a release methodology based on previously published schemas
Built-in object browser

Browse objects in any database quickly and easily.

Look at object properties, sub-objects and creation DDL SQL.

Use powerful filtering to narrow down your object view.

Powerful filtering

Use filtering to define a subset of objects to compare and synchronize.

Use filtering in the object browser to create a view of only the objects you are interested in.

Combine filters in a totally unrestricted manner, using AND, OR and XOR to combine results from multiple filters.

Load, Save, Export & Import filters, or recall a recently used filter.

Use the same filter configuration across all Atlantis Interactive applications.