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SQL Server IDE

Atlantis SQL Everywhere is a free SQL Server IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which supports all versions of Microsoft SQL Server from 2000 to 2008 and comes with the most fully-featured and accurate SQL Intellisense® engine available – use it to turbocharge your productivity.

If you use Management Studio or Enterprise Manager as your SQL editor, then you’re going to be amazed at what our SQL Server IDE SQL Everywhere can offer you over and above what you’re used to. The highly optimised Intellisense® engine provides you with in-place suggestions wherever you place your caret. Inside a stored procedure? No problem! Nested 10 levels down in an iterative cursor algorithm? No problem! Joining multiple SQL tables each with their own aliases? No problem! SQL Everywhere knows exactly what can be typed at any point and will let fill you in on this information unobtrusively, just when you need it most.

Auto completion shortcuts work to let you type more by typing less: common statements are abbreviated to a few key strokes. Pressing tab after importing an identifier such as a table name intelligently creates a unique, short alias for you. Code snippets easily import common boiler-plate code fragments and highlight the areas to be edited.

Extensive syntax highlighting neatly colours what you type by class and function. Unique “Declaration Tracing” will identify the declaration position of identifiers and symbols that you’re referencing by hovering your mouse cursor over them.

But it’s not just about the ground-breaking code editor, SQL Everywhere is a SQL Server IDE that offers so much more...

The built-in data SQL export feature is an extremely handy way to automatically script SQL statements which can be kept for backup purposes or run against other databases to import data. The SQL Export is intelligent enough to manage the order of the exported statements so that upon import, referential integrity constraints do not produce errors.

“Auditing” stores the results, messages, errors & SQL from every execution. A powerful search feature lets you make sense of all this historic data, and allows you to find executions against a specific server, database or date range. Choose whether to search SQL, results and/or messages.

Execute a SQL statement on many databases at once using our SQL multiple server technology - “Multiple Execution” - a unique feature among SQL Server IDE products. Run on entire groups / servers, or select which databases to execute against. View results, messages and errors from each individual database, or view them all at once. These enterprise-level features have been thoroughly validated in the field against production-scale databases running under live environments and have proved time and time again to be invaluable.

SQL Everywhere massively speeds up database development and administration. The savings in development time make a significant contribution to ensuring that your project will deliver on time solutions and that they’ll be spot on, first time.

Download your copy of SQL Everywhere today and get to work with a SQL Server IDE that was built for the way you work!

Features include:

Context sensitive SQL Intellisense®
Database registration & grouping
Data editing
Integrated object scripting and data scripting
Code library
Process viewer

Advanced features:

Multiple execution
Code generation

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