SQL Everywhere feature showcase

Compelling user interface

Get straight to work in a task-oriented and clean interface.

  • Categorised database connections and default context loading
  • Use multiple tabs against a single database, and multiple windows against multiple databases
  • Strong visual cues improve your productivity
Group databases by function

As well as the traditional server based view, group databases by function.

Easily look at all of the databases in a particular function group, and run SQL against the entire group.

Set a default context so the editor always loads connected to the project you're working on.

Code completion

Use code completion in the editor against any SQL Server version 2000+.

Use context sensitive actions to perform operations on any object directly in the editor.

Use standard code snippets to increase your productivity.

Get quick information and visual feedback by hovering your mouse over any object in the editor.

Get parameter information for function calls and use function parameter acceleration for common functions.

Use multiple execution

Execute a SQL statement on many databases at once using multiple execution.

Run on entire groups / servers, or select which databases to execute against.

View results, messages and errors from each individual database, or view them all at once.

Use auditing for compliance

Store the results, messages, errors & SQL from every execution.

Search the audit trail to find a recently executed query, or examine the results from a previous execution.

Search for executions against a specific server, database and date range.

Choose whether to search SQL, results and/or messages.

Testing mode with auto-rollback

Ensure your SQL is correct and gives the expected results without committing any changes to the database.

Strong visual feedback ensures you know when you are testing or not.

Protect against accidental committal with script inspection.

Built-in object browser

Browse objects in any database quickly and easily.

Browse objects and perform actions directly in the main window.

Look at object properties, sub-objects and creation DDL SQL.

Use powerful filtering to narrow down your object view.

Powerful filtering

Use filtering in the object browser to create a view of only the objects you are interested in.

Combine filters in a totally unrestricted manner, using AND, OR and XOR to combine results from multiple filters.

Load, Save, Export & Import filters, or recall a recently used filter.

Use the same filter configuration across all Atlantis Interactive applications.