SQLTools - our SQL utility applications

SQLTools is a group of SQL utility applications from Atlantis Interactive. These are tools for SQL Server DBAs and developers alike - allowing both sets of users much easier access to the information they need. These tools all take the notion that a picture is worth 1000 words and apply them to the SQL Server community, giving visual representations of object index usage, data dependency and schema or sql dependency.

The following SQL utility applications form the members of the SQLTools family:

Data Space Analyser

Data Space Analyser was the first SQL utility to form part of the SQLTools family – it allows you to analyse the space used by the indexes in your databases visually, starting at the server level and drilling down to the partition level by interacting with a graph. Export the data, save images for use in reports or export the data into CSV format to use conveniently in Excel.

Data Surf

Next up in the SQLTools family is Data Surf - allowing you to ‘surf’ the data in your database by using foreign key relationships to navigate from rows in one table to the next by simply using the mouse and interacting with the surf graph. This SQL utility saves you having to perform repetitive ‘SELECT * FROM’ style queries to investigate data issues. Create template surfs and apply them to different surf start points quickly and easily.

Schema Surf

Our newest addition to the SQLTools family is Schema Surf – this SQL utility complements Data Surf by allowing you to ‘surf’ through your schema. Click on any object in the object tree and you are presented with a visualisation of all the dependencies of that object and their interconnections. Click on any node in the graph to re-focus the graph around the newly selected object.


More information

  • Data Space Analyser Get to know your index space usage, from the server level to the partition level
  • Data Surf Navigate through relational data at the click of a button, while representing the relationships visually
  • Schema Surf Find your way around your schema and it's dependencies visually & interactively

Looking for our pro tools?

  • SQL Everywhere Use our SQL Server IDE to turbo-charge your productivity using one of the most advanced code completion engines available
  • Schema Inspector Compare, synchronize and script your SQL Server database schemas quickly and easily
  • Data Inspector Compare and syncrhonize your data using our advanced data comparison tool