Installing our products

Installing our products is a simple and standard process. Once you have downloaded the ZIP file from our website, extract the contents and you will find a 'setup' executable file. Double-click this to begin the installation process. Once the process has started, you will see the following dialogue. Note that while this scenario relates to installing SQL Everywhere, the process for installing all of our products is the same.

Setup welcome screen

Clicking on the 'Next' button takes you on to the end user license agreement:

Setup end-user license agreement screen

Read the end user license agreement carefully. We have deliberately structured our license agreement simply and in clear, understandable language; however it is still a good idea that you read through it (as it is for all software). You must click 'I agree' before you can click on the 'Next' button. This takes you on to the installation location dialogue:

Select installation folder screen

If you want to change the installation location of the software, you may do so here. Clicking 'Next' takes you to the confirmation dialogue:

Setup confirmation screen

This simply confirms that you are ready to install the software. Clicking 'Next' takes you to the installation process:

Setup progress screen

The progress bar shows you how the installation is proceeding. On systems with User Account Control enabled, you will see the following dialogue pop up early in the process:

User Account Control confirmation dialogue

This dialogue is confirming that the software you have downloaded is digitally signed by Atlantis Interactive UK Ltd, and that we have authorised it's release. Click 'Yes' to continue. Once the installation process is complete, you will see the following dialogue:

Setup complete screen

You are now ready to start improving your productivity!